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Country: Latvia
Location: district Cēsis, by the Gauja river
Area: 19,280 km2
Population: about 18,000
Website: www.cesis.lv

About the town: Cēsis was founded in 1206. After the Inflant Crusades of Polish King Stefan Batory, the Inflant Constitution was proclaimed there. In 1598-1660 Cēsis was a capital of Venden voivodship of I Polish Republic. Presently it is the seat of Latvian Cēsis district administration. The town is also a place where the Latvian flag was invented (compare to the town's flag).

Cēsis is a peaceful and beautiful town with numerous monuments. The most important are: medieval church of St. John and ruins of the Livonian Order castle. Cēsis is also a health resort. There are many baths here and, famous in Latvia, Holy Spring which is belived to have a healing power.

On 27th January, 2009 Cēsis Mayor - Gints Šķenders and Konstancin-Jeziorna Commune Mayor – Marek Skowroński signed the Cooperation Protocol in fields of culture, art, euducation and sport.