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Natural Treasures

Among the many natural treasures found in Konstancin-Jeziorna are wildlife reserves and woodlands that keep the air clean and fragrant with essential oils. Konstancin-Jeziorna is surrounded by six nature reserves (including Łęgi Oborskie, Obory, Skarpa Oborska, Wyspy Zawadowskie, and Wyspy Świderskie), a Nature 2000 area (in the Middle Vistula River Valley), and a scenic park (Chojnów Scenic Park).

Specially designed nature trails take visitors through a unique landscape with outstanding natural features, and varied animal and plant life (many bird species, woodland habitats, wetlands, and rare types of flora). We recommend a trip along the Konstancin Woodland Educational Trail in Chojnów Scenic Park (it is a four-kilometre walk that takes about 90 minutes; start at the car park in ul. Od Lasu near the Zalewajka Restaurant). Alternatively, one can take the longer route down the Konstancin Town and Environs Walk and Cycle Path, which runs for 14 kilometres from the Spa Park to the Łęgi Oborskie Nature Reserve. Cyclists will enjoy the Vistula Riverbank Cycle Path that offers magnificent views of the river’s islands and sandbars in the Wyspy Zawadowskie and Wyspy Świderskie Nature Reserves. 

Łyczyńskie Olszyny reserve. Photo credit by A. Piętka

The Vistula is the most beautiful scenic feature. Popularly called ‘the queen of Polish rivers’, it widens to a kilometre as it approaches the city of Warsaw from the south. This is where the ethnographic microregion of Urzecze spans both sides of the river.
With their rich diversity of wildlife, Konstancin-Jeziorna and its environs are a paradise for bird lovers. Experts say that as many as 150 species of bird can be seen here throughout the year. Woodpeckers, magpies, sparrows, and wrens live permanently in the area, but it is not uncommon to observe migrant birds (swifts, flycatchers, orioles, nightingales), spring birds of passage (cranes, geese, ducks), and winter birds (buzzards, mergansers, shore larks). The Spa Park offers special bird watching platforms.

Trained walkers can enjoy hiking trails recommended by the Polish Association for Tourism and Exploration (PTTK).

  • The Black Trail is a looped path that runs through some of Konstancin-Jeziorna’s heritage sites and scenic spots which tell tales of local history and are a great way to explore the wildlife attractions of Chojnów Scenic Park. The walking distance is 9 kilometres.  
  • The Blue Trailruns from Kabaty in southern Warsaw through several nature reserves (Chojnów, Łyczyńskie Olszyny, Skarpa Oborska, and Łęgi Oborskie) and through Konstancin-Jeziorna to Zalesie Górne. The total walking distance is 28.1 kilometres.
  • The Green Trail runs mostly under canopies of trees between Konstancin-Jeziorna and Złotokłos. The walking distance is 35.5 kilometres.
  • The Yellow Trail runs from Konstancin-Jeziorna through Chojnów Scenic Park to Góra Kalwaria. The walking distance is 19 kilometres.


Open fields at Obory. Photo credit: A. Piętka

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