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The health resort

With its unique microclimate, its saline tower, and a wide range of healthcare facilities, Konstancin-Jeziorna is a health resort unlike any other. It all began with Count Witold Skórzewski, who in 1897 decided to subdivide the land that belonged to the Obory estate into smaller portions to build a ‘climatic health resort’. His decision fell in line with the 19th-century popular trend to use climate as a form of therapy.

Soon afterwards the Spa Park was laid out, later officially dedicated to Count Skórzewski. Other new facilities included a beach, a river swimming spot, and a tennis court. 1903 saw the opening of the first natural medicine clinic in the Villa Hugonówka (now housing the Konstancin Community Centre) on the edge of the Spa Park. In 1917, Konstancin was declared a health resort.

In the 1960s, underground sources of therapeutic saline water were discovered in Konstancin. Saline water is still drawn here to this day. Year after year, the Spa Park dedicated to Count Witold Skórzewski, and the saline tower in the heart of the park, invariably attract crowds of tourists and convalescents.

Hugonowka was the first natural medicine clinic here. Photo credit: Wirtualne Muzeum Konstancina

Just one visit to this more than 40-year-old spacious inhaling station is enough to give a beneficial boost of energy to the whole body. The evaporation of the saline water, with its 7.5 percent mineral content, creates a unique microclimate around the tower, very much like the sea air. The minerals help to restore and strengthen the mucous membrane in the upper respiratory tract and stimulate the immune system. Of particular importance for human health are the elements iodine, bromine, calcium, and magnesium. The saline tower in Konstancin is open all year round. In high season (June-August), the opening hours are 10am–7pm. For more information, visit: teznia.com.pl or call 22 484 28 88 or 667 551 411.

Saline tower. Photo credit: C. Puchniarz

Konstancin-Jeziorna is home to many hospitals, sanatoriums, treatment and rehabilitation centres, and wellness centres. Some of them are described below.

Uzdrowisko Konstancin-Zdrój S.A. is a commercial establishment that runs cardiac, neurological, and musculoskeletal treatment and rehabilitation programmes, complemented by a variety of therapeutic procedures, including kinesiotherapy, magnetic field therapy, saline baths, bubble baths, and cryotherapy. Specialist outpatient services and diagnostic tests are also provided.

Uzdrowisko Konstancin-Zdrój Facilities:

The Biały Dom Centre specialises in the prevention and therapy of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly those associated with orthopaedic (post-injury), neurological, and rheumatic conditions.

EVA Park Life & Spa Hydrotherapy Centre offers natural medicine and disease prevention programmes, wellness sessions, and balneotherapy sessions.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Hospital [Szpital Rehabilitacji Kardiologicznej] provides comprehensive rehabilitation programmes for patients with acute coronary diseases, and patients post cardiac surgery, in association with the Heart Institute in Anin and other similar medical centres.

The Neurological Rehabilitation Hospital [Szpital Rehabilitacji Neurologiczne] offers comprehensive kinetic and neuropsychological rehabilitation programmes, mostly to post-stroke patients, and patients with brain traumas. The hospital specialises in the treatment of neurocognitive disorders, especially aphasia-like speech symptoms.

EVA Park Life & Spa Hydrotherapy Centre. Photo credit: Konstancin Hydrotherapy Centre

The STOCER Rehabilitation Centre of Mazovia provides highly specialised orthopaedic treatment and rehabilitation services for patients with musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, particularly children and adults with backbone problems.
The services are offered under publicly funded and commercial health plans.

Rehabilitation of adults in Stocer. Photo credit: STOCER Rehabilitation Centre of Mazovia

The Comprehensive Rehabilitation Centre [Centrum Kompleksowej Rehabilitacji] specialises in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders caused by orthopaedic, rheumatic, and neurological conditions, with services offered under publicly funded and commercial health plans.

Orthopedic surgery at the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center. Photo credit: CKiR

The Tabita Centre (part of the LUX MED Group) provides all-round neurological, systemic, and psychosomatic inpatient and outpatient health rehabilitation services under publicly funded and commercial health plans.

Tehabilitation in the Tabita Center. Photo credit: Tabita

The Missionary Animation Centre [Centrum Animacji Misyjnej] has modern swimming and recreation facilities, including a recreation pool with a geyser for back, foot and neck massage; a jacuzzi bath; a dry sauna; and a steam room. Located close to the Centre are also a professionally equipped gym and massage amenities.

Swimming pool at Missionary Animation Centre. Photo credit: Missionary Animation Centre

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